Professional Experience


I was in a special intern program in the Department of Biology, Academia Sinica when I was a high-school student. During that time, I was involved in projects including transgenosis and electron microscopy. Later in high-school, I found out that I am more interested in Chemistry and won two fifth prizes and one first prize in the National Chemistry Competition. Moreover, I was a silver medalist in the 25th International Chemistry Olympia, held in Perugia, Italy, in 1993.

As soon as I entered the National Taiwan University with scholarship, I stepped into the organic chemistry research. I have been involved in several organic synthesis research projects including asymmetrical synthesis and full synthesis of C30 fullerene compound in Prof. Tien-Yau Luh's laboratories.

After obtaining B.S. from NTU in 1997, I underwent the military service as a senior system engineer in National Defense Medical Center because of my secondary specialty in computer science. During the two years service, I organized and acquired funding more than a million USD in total for projects until the end of 2005. In addition, I designed and taught computer courses.

After honorable discharged in August 1999, I spent half a year at Morehead State University polishing English skill and worked as a tutor in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. As soon as I finished the English as a Secondary Language program, I spent half a year as a research assistant in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at National Tsing-Hua University while applying for graduate studies in the Unite States. I was involved in fabricating ultra-thin polyimide films and Organic LEDs.

I joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University with Case Prime Fellowship at Spring 2001. As the matter of fact, I am the only Taiwanese student who received it in the past 10 years. I earned my M.S. degree at August 2002 with the research filed including various organic self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), interactions between oxide particle and SAMs in an aqueous environment measured with AFM, and deposition of vanadia thin films on SAMs. I was then continued with the Ph.D. program. The research fields including fabrication of titania-vanadia thin films and anatase-based mesoporous powders for catalytic applications.

After received the Ph.D. degree, I became a research associate with Prof. Frank Ernst, Prof. Arthur Heuer, Prof. Gary Michal, and Swagelok at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. The main research field included numerical simulations and nano-characterizations on super-saturated solid solution of carbon in stainless steel. Recently, I moved to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Nitin Padture. The research project is to make engineered metal-oxide-metal nano-wires and single nano-wire device for sensor and electronic applications.

Beside of my own researches, I cooperated with other researchers in many different projects including nanoporous materials, zeolites, ceramics, materials processing and synthesis, microcharacterization, etc. I also enjoyed teaching introductory courses in Chemistry, Physics, Thermodynamics, etc. as either a tutor or TA and computer science as a instructor. In addition, I supervised some students and served as a technical consultant in a couple of companies.